rownie cake with dark and white chocolate cream

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The incredible taste of every single flavor. Food is to feed our souls, to wake up our senses, to bring memories from childhood, to create new experiences of life and develop new sensations. It is here to feed our bodies and souls, to be enjoyed and not a source of feeding our stress, or solving our emotions.

Flavor Addiction is a platform dedicated to you, to share our joy for food, with recipes based on organic ingredients, most of them grown with love and dedication in our own garden.

garlic bread with cheese

5 minutes garlic & cheese sandwich

Old bread? Late for work? Do you want a quick dish? If yes, here is one deliciously flavored sandwich or ...
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Autumn fresh fruit cake recipe with fluffy dough

End of summer brings lots of fresh fruits on our tables. With these fruits we can make an amazingly simple ...
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Baked chicken drumsticks or wings with mustard and honey

How to make chicken sticks or wings in the oven? Roasted chicken legs with garlic, honey, mustard and tomato sauce ...
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Branzoaice – sweet cheese pastry

Brânzoaice (also called rătișă, grăbițel, palaneț, poale'n brâu, pampuschi) is a #cheese-filled pie made of leavened dough, a traditional Romanian ...
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Chili con Carne

Christmas ideas for beans – Chili con Carne, English Breakfast and just baked beans 3 recipes in 1

Welcome back to a new episode here with Flavor Addiction! Rich in proteins and fibers, beans are one of the ...
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GIANT pancakes with sweet cheese, honey and wallnuts

The giant pancakes recipe has the same composition as the one for pancakes with jam, but the filling is different ...
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bread-slices of bread

Hand made bread – 3 ingredients recipe for home made bread

I was sitting in a coffee shop and enjoying my capucino. It was a cold, rainy day. Suddenly I felt ...
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Fudgy brownie

Learn what the fudgiest brownie with that perfect crispy top recipe is

Hey, hey, This is for you, chocolate lover… Are you dreaming about those fudgy brownies? Or about that perfect crispy ...
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Pickles – how to preserve vegetables for winter (in brine)

When summer meets autumn, it's time for them, the pickles! Being the best company for almost every dish during the ...
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Potato scrambled egg

Röstizza – Romanian vegan Parjoale also known as potato omelette

Should a pizza dough be prepared only with flour, salt water and yeast? Just for the puritans:) because there is ...
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Salty Cheese Straws

Salty cheese straws or sticks also called in Romanian something like the Salty ones (Sărățele) are an ideal snack for ...
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saramura de peste

Saramură – fish grilled on salt

Moving forward with the Romanian traditional dishes, this time we will present you a recipe which can be prepared with ...
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Sauteed cabbage and bacon recipe

We continue the stories of autumn flavors with a new star: The cabbage. A versatile ingredient that can be cooked ...
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Snowman Cake

snowman cake – gateau au chocolat for winter holidays

Spending time with family and loved ones is what Christmas is all about! This year let's share some fun times ...
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thanksgiving turkey

Thanksgiving turkey recipe – fuss free

Turkey for Thanksgiving day!!Thanksgiving is a very special day celebrated in US symbolizing intercultural peace, family and gratefulness.We should all ...
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papanasi rusesti - syrniki

Сырники (syrniki)- Moldavian, Russian cheese pancakes filled with chocolate (5 minutes cooking time)

We are always looking for new ideas, new recipes, especially for those moments when we are in rush, but still ...
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