kayaking - Danube Delta

Danube Delta-Travel Wonder of Europe, Wild beaches, bird watching, kayaking with pan flute music

We were paddling for a few hours now and here it was, in front of us, the sunset reflected in the Black Sea, the meeting point, the place where the Danube is getting lost into the sea. Danube, the river traveling through the largest number of countries in the world, reaches here the Black Sea and forms this beautiful Delta.

Wildlife watching, untouched beaches with white fine grained sand, incredible biodiversity, local tasty food, experimental concerts of the nature and the cultural expression of so many civilizations…This is the Danube Delta. Full of adventure on one hand, but on the other hand the pure expression of peace and stillness, this UNESCO national park is for sure the best travel destination in Europe and maybe in the world.

This lost, wild destination, is the home-place for many species of birds, fish and unique plants. You heard for sure about our older relative, the sturgeon or the white pelican, the bird flying every summer from Africa in order to bread and then traveling back, or maybe about the white or yellow water lily.

Although one of us lived at approx. 100km from the Danube Delta, until now did not have the courage to visit it. Maybe the fear of mosquitoes was bigger than the stories heard from others about the Danube, or maybe it was not the right time to discover it. One needs to see many so called ideal travel destinations to understand the true value of this place.